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Day Nine

Well today I went to WIMBLEDON!

sunny 28 °C

It's been a couple of days since I've posted because it has been crazy here in London. Class has been a large part of the crazy schedule, but seeing three plays in three days is a lot! The last play I attended was called The 39 Steps. Now if you have seen the old Alfred Hitchcock movie then you would be thinking this was a scary play. In fact they used the same dialogue from the movie, but it was actually extremely funny and light hearted. The play consisted of just four actors who played over 100+ parts. The timing was amazing and the whole play was hilarious.
THis play was in the West End, where most of the Broadway like shows are. Surrounded by Piccadilly Circus, it felt like I was in New York City. That concluded day 8!
Day Nine consisted of waking up at 6:30 am and Queueing Up for Wimbledon at 8am!! We stood in the The Queue for about three hours before we even got into the park, but It was soo worth it!
Now I thought getting to the Queue at 8am was impressive, however these people are queueing overnight for play tomorrow! That takes dedication.
We finally made it into the gates around 12. The grounds are beautiful. There were a lot of people and at fist it was difficult to get a seat because John Isner was on court 5. If you didn't hear before John Isner just broke the record for the longest match ever. Wimbledon has the rule that there can be no tiebreaker in the fifth set. Big John and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut played an 11 hour and 5 min match resulting in a 4-6, 6-3, 7-6(9-7), 6-7(3-7), 68-70. It was completely ridiculous.
John Isner, who must have been exhausted couldn't make it happen again and lost today.
We also saw Kim Clijsters win a match as well as some more unknown doubles matches throughout the grounds.
Now I couldn't go to Wimbledon without taking in the the tradition of Strawberries and Cream, which were delicious!
Our big ticket match of the day was the William sisters playing doubles. The first set was not surprising, the William sisters took the other pair 6-1. However the second set Bacsinszky and Garbin stepped up their game and came back to compete in a tie breaker for the second set. The William sisters did win the match. It was an amazing experience to be there and see some of theses matches!

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Day Seven

Class, Ditch, Night Walk

sunny 27 °C

Went to class this morning and part of the afternoon. We talked about the play we just saw, Macbeth. It was a very interesting discussion to see how different people perceived the play. I had tons of homework to do, so most of the afternoon was spent reading. Tonight we saw Ditch. I had never heard of this play until this trip so I was clueless about what was going to happen. First we had to take the tube to Waterloo station, which provoked many renditions of the ABBA song. It is also the tube station where one of the Bourne movies was filmed.
This was the scene right before the entrance to Ditch. Which was located in a tunnel underground. We could here the trains going over the top of us throughout the play.
Before we were even able to sit down in the theatre we had to pass through this maze of tunnels which had strange art work. I was ready for someone to jump out, like a hunted house. The play was interesting. It took place in post apocalyptic London. If you couldn't guess it was very depressing. To cheer us up after the play we walked just around the corner to the London Eye and across the bridge to Parliament. The area is spectacular at night. nightp.jpgnightp2.jpgthe_eye.jpg

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Day Six

Inns of Court, London Museum, The Globe

sunny 27 °C

Today marked the first field trip Tuesday in London. We had normal class from 9 to 2:20, but after we made our way to tube station down the block and headed to the Inns of Court.
These buildings are where the barristers or lawyers do their business. The buildings (4 in total), are surrounded by beautiful gardens and an accompanying Church, which has been standing since the Crusades.
The Temple Church is host to Middle and Inner Temple, which are two of the four parts of the Inns of Court. Since there is a rivelry between the two parts the seats inside do not face towards the front, but rather are split in half and face towards each other so the two sides don't have to sit next to each other.
Our next stop was to the Museum of London. This museum which just opened traces the history of the City of London, before London even existed until today. It had an amazing assortment of artifacts and stories of past London.
One of the most interesting part of the museum was the large collection of attire they had from the past. The hats and dresses where something to be marveled over. Personally I don't know how they did it. This was by far one of the best "hats" featured.
We had dinner at one of the oldest pubs in London, Ye Old Cheshire Cheese located on Fleet St. The pub was rebuilt after the great fire of London in 1666. The pub had about six different staircases leading to different places.
Our Last stop of the day was The Globe, to watch Macbeth. The play was wonderful and a completely different experience than normal theatre. The open air and different levels of the building just brought a different feeling towards the play. The bottom floor was modeled after the Levels of Hell, with just the heads popping up. Tomorrow looks to be just as busy as today with classes and another play to see!

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Day Five


sunny 23 °C

So one of the main reasons for coming to London is SUMMER SCHOOL. And while the last few days have been amazing to see the city, its back to reality (kind of). Classes started this morning at 9 am down the road at Foundation House. First class of the day: English 333:Literary London: The City and the Romantic Imagination. This classes has me reading poetry out loud to my classmates, which will prove to be interesting. We are taking the poetry that we read and relating it back to the city and our experiences here. Second Class of the day: Theatre (catch that?) 390: World Drama. For this class we will be reading a couple of plays as well as seeing 16 different performances, which averages around 2.5 a week. I think with that schedule, by the end of the summer I will be a theatre buff. Third Class of the day: Humanities 316. THis class is brief history of city of London. It also incorporates a field trip class. On every Tuesday we will be heading around the cities most famous destinations. That concluded my schooling for the day. After we hit up the grocery store and stocked up on food for the week.
We then headed out to Kensington Garden, right across the street, to do some poetry reading. Not many people can say that they are going to go study by the palace! I'm spending the rest of my night studying my London history and reading up on Macbeth, the "Scottish Play" in preparation to see it at the Globe TOMORROW!

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Day Four

Natural History Museum and Camden

sunny 20 °C

Our first stop of the day was the Natural History Museum, which is just a few short blocks from our apartment. The Natural History Museum first opened in 1881 and now holds 70 million different specimen. While we were there we tour the new Dinosaur exhibit as well as the Mammal exhibit.
The building itself was inspired after basalt columns at Fingal's Cave in Scotland and is know to be one of Britain's most striking examples of Romanesque architecture. The building features elaborate sculptures of plants and animals on the interior and exterior of the building, to represent biological diversity.
The dinosaur exhibit was a big draw. We had to elbow a few little kids out of the way to get a peek at the amazing collection the Natural History Museum had.
We then made our way down to Camden, which was quite the experience. Camden is home to Camden Market and Camden Lock. There are thousands of stalls for anything from food to piercings. It was definitely a change of pace from Kensington.
These were some of the many items for purchase at Camden Lock. We stopped for lunch and eat along the canal. People watching was by far the most interesting it has been yet.
After our trip to Camden we came back to our apartment. Classes start tomorrow so after making dinner in the apartment we all sat down and started our reading. I guess it is time to realize that we are here for classes!

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